Commissions (5/7 still available)

(If you’d prefer to skip my stream-of-consciousness justification of the $1800 price and order one of the remaining five of seven (planned) limited-release Mk. II warp core water pipes, go to here.)

Honestly I’d much rather spend time inhaling solder flux and magic blue burnt part smoke than setting up ways of monetizing my weird hobby, but I know many people are going to want one of these and, not being a dick, would like to make that process as painless as possible.

Speaking of pain, I’m going to come out and say it, in spite of originally going to charge $2K per on these that had more to do with me being lazy with math than anything else. I’ve settled on $1800 after figuring the cost of parts (around $600  for the Mk. I but much of that was trial and error) and the amount of effort put into each one*, and having been re-assured that MANY people have paid much more for much more ridiculous, and far less functional, art pieces. I’m still not comfortable thinking of the reactor “water pipe” as an “art piece” but having seen what other people have the audacity to apply that term to, well, maybe I need to work on fitting my head further up my own asshole. Maybe, probably, I’m an uncultured, flyover-state hayseed with a nigh-barbaric understanding of art and Dickensian street-urchin’s awareness of finance.

I don’t know.

I still feel kind of bad about it, but I’ve also been assured that to those coming from a mindset other than that of survival-poverty, $1800 might not be an unreasonable amount to ask.

If I do end up making more than the initial “limited release” batch of 7, I fully intend to drop the price commensurate with breakthroughs in streamlining the process and bulk discount of components. That’s a substantial “If” though, and if I was more careless about wasting your time I’d tell you all about how nothing destroys love for an activity faster than doing it on deadlines for money. You see, I’ve worked in computers AND the sex trade** so don’t get me started.

Figuring that the Etsy shop my girlfriend and I use to sell some of the weird shit we find in storage unit auctions would be the most hassle-free way of arranging for the purchase of the remaining five available Mk. IIs, I’ve added a listing to said shop here.
Well nevermind on the etsy thing, if you’re interested in commissioning one of these bad boys email and we’ll work it out. 

I’ve already started on the two that have already been commissioned, but it’s early enough in the process for me to add on another five to do each step on the batch in a step-by-step, assembly line-esque process, and the estimated build time is about a month and a half, so the first ones outta be sent out mid-November at the latest, and if not, I’ll be sure to post whycome to the blog and/or refund to anyone who needs it.

If you have any questions or you’d prefer an alternate means of purchase (like bitcoin, and also, you might have to explain to me how the hell to use bitcoin) emailing is probably the way to go on that.

* Seriously, fer instance each of those ten rings on the Mk. I probably took me anywhere from 3 to 6 hours; not even taking into consideration my clumsily screwing up, having to recover the parts, and start over from scratch on every oh… 3rd or 4th ring.

** Not really, unless appearing in an adult film counts. Long story.